Having your car off the road can be stressful enough, and there is no need for it to be time-consuming as well.

We can take the pain out of the car accident insurance claim process by liaising directly with your insurer.

Our team works hard to get your vehicle back on the road quickly.


Not every repair involves an insurance claim. Sometimes the cost of repair is lower than the insurance policy excess so it makes financial sense to simply pay for the repair work without involving your insurer.

If you’re looking for private repairs to your vehicle, we can help with fast quoting and repair work to have your vehicle restored to its former glory sooner.


Motorcycles are subject to body damage from general wear and tear or accidents.

Choosing a repairer with experience in motorcycle repairs is important so you know your pride and joy is cared for properly.

We can assist with all types of insured or uninsured motorcycle repairs.


Repairing all types of boats, we ensure your vessel is repaired quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

We have years of experience in marine and boat body repairs thanks to our closeness and affinity for the Murray River.


It’s important to keep on top of any damage which might reduce your caravan’s value or lead to greater problems down the track.

Caravans are an investment and staying on top of any minor repairs and blemishes will guarantee a higher return when it comes time to sell your van.

We work on all makes and models of caravans and ensure a quality finish for all repair work.

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